Participant Account Reviews

How do I help my Participants review their accounts?  

Periodic account reviews are crucial for your Participants. Understanding how much they are going to have for their retirement (Future-Funded Ministry) is important. The value of completing periodic reviews cannot be overstated.

Many variables can impact a Participant’s retirement plan investment portfolio during the course of a year. For example, risk tolerance changes, time horizon changes, the addition of a family member and more. It is important that your Participants monitor their retirement account and investment portfolio regularly and make adjustments to stay on track. We have a tool for your Participants to review their account at their convenience. Encourage your Participants to review their accounts regularly – at least once a year.

The Envoy Choice Portal Participant login provides your Participants with access to Envoy’s Easy Enrollment & Review. This highly interactive tool is designed to assist them with their periodic account review. Through this process, they will be given a clear understanding on why they should save, how much to save, and where to save.

Review process for your Participants:

  1. Go to and click Account Login
  2. Enter your username, password, and select Account Holder from the drop-down menu
  3. If you have multiple accounts, select the Account you want to review
  4. Click the Review/Update button on your dashboard.
  5. Let Envoy’s Easy Enrollment & Review tool guide you through the review process where you will be able to:




> Quickly visualize the benefit of increasing your contributions
> Know what age you will be able to retire
> Know how much income you’ll have per month after retirement
> And choose your beneficiaries and an amount to assign to each one

Once your Participants complete their account review, they will receive confirmation of their contribution and investment elections via email, along with an Investor Profile. They should review this information carefully to make sure that everything on file matches their intentions.

Accounts are valued daily. Participants can complete an Account Review at any time.