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Making changes to your contributions

How do I change my existing contribution rates or amounts?

The instructions provided below are for Participants who have already enrolled into their Envoy Choice employer-sponsored retirement plan and wish to make changes to their existing contribution rate or amount.

The IRS has established contribution limits for employer-sponsored retirement plans. For additional information on this year's contribution limits, click here.

Retirement plan contributions can be made on a Before-Tax (Traditional) basis or an After-Tax (Roth) basis. For more information on the advantages of each tax type, click here.

To make changes to your current contribution rate or amount, follow these steps:

1. Go to www.EnvoyFinancial.com and click Account Login

2. Enter your Username, password, and select Account Holder from the drop-down menu

3. On the top menu, click Investments and select Make Changes from the drop-down menu.  (If you have not already registered on the Envoy Choice Portal, you will need to do so.

4. Under Contribution Rate, click Change Contribution Rate.

5. Click Edit under the option that you would like to edit.

The Plan Administrator for your organization's retirement plan will receive an email notification instructing them regarding the change in your contribution rate or amount.

In most cases, your new contribution rate or amount will go into effect with your next payroll.  However, if your change submission was processed late in the payroll period, it may not go into effect until the subsequent payroll period.  Check with your Plan Administrator for the details.

Pay attention to future paychecks to ensure that your contribution changes have been fully processed.  In the event that there are differences between your desired contribution rate or amount and the actual contribution rate or amount, immediately contact your Plan Administrator.