Features of the Mobile App

Learn more about specific mobile app features

1. What are the main features of the mobile app?

  • The dashboard tab displays three widgets: Balances, Contributions, and Personal Rate of Return.
  • The balances tab has four views: total balances, balances by investment, balances by source, and balances by loan (if applicable for the plan).
  • The savings tab provides information about savings rates and allows for contribution rates change.
  • The performance tab provides current invested products and their performances.

2. Why are some of the features I see on the web not available with the mobile app?

Some processes such as web enrollment, investment changes, and personal information updates are not supported within the app. Other features may be upgraded with the next app updates.

3. What is a push notification?

Push notifications are only available for participants who install the mobile app. The option is by default and will allow you to receive time-sensitive information, updates, and news for your retirement plan. You can turn off the option anytime.