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The target-date model is a managed model where the investment choice is determined by your age and when you expect to retire. With your current age being your starting point this model will become progressively more conservative as you approach retirement age. Your plan may offer the option to choose either regular Target-Date Models or Faith-Based Models. The holdings within the Faith-Based Investments strictly avoid businesses involved in areas such as abortion and pornography and generally screens out businesses involved in gambling, alcohol, tobacco and war products.

These optional Managed Models involve an additional expense. These fees are automatically deducted from your account on a monthly basis.

Target Dated Models allocate assets and are managed based on your date of birth and approximate time until retirement. Target Dated Models are more aggressive in your younger years and gradually become more conservative as you age and transition into retirement. The additional advisory fee for the Target Date Models is .25% (.0025) per year or .000208 per month.