Basic Information

Understanding more about the mobile app

1. What is Envoy Financial mobile?

The Envoy Financial mobile app is a mobile software application for us to use cutting edge technology and finding ways for innovation and creative solutions to your retirement needs.


2. What is the difference between the mobile app and website?

A mobile app is downloadable to your mobile device and is ideal for frequent and repeated use. It provides a quick view to your retirement account and enable you to evaluate your investment performance. The regular website provides extensive information about your retirement account, which is helpful for all participants, especially first-time user to check your retirement goals daily or periodically. We encourage our participants to use all available resource provided to you by Envoy Financial to achieve your future funded ministry’s goals.


3. Does it cost anything to use the mobile app?

There is no cost to our participants. It is a way for us to show our appreciation for your continued support and trust.